Birthday Gift

Human beings are, by their very nature, warm and loving. This humaneness, commonly known as Botho / Ubuntu, manifests itself in mans will and ability to be kind and altruistic to others. The Church, which is the embodiment of our Lord Jesus Christ, also possesses and displays these qualities of caring and nurturing, inter alia.

Here at St Monnicas, one particular manner of displaying Ubuntu is where the Church acknowledges and rewards, on a weekly basis without fail, congregants whose birthdays fall within that week. These members, young and old, male and female, are invited to the alter to receive blessings, prayers and good wishes. This kind gesture adds to the significance and great value attached to a birthday where most people joyfully anticipate and actually do get, more than on ordinary days, attention, best wishes, presents, etc,.

In response to this kind gesture by the Church, a project was launched at the beginning of September 2008, namely, The Birthday Gift. This project aims mainly to reciprocate to the generosity of the Church. It brings together those congregants born in the same month to collaborate and to present the Church with a birthday gift. Initially, the gift will be in the form of money. However, as time goes on and hopefully the people get to know one another much better, each group will decide on the form of gift they find suitable for the Church.

It is hoped that the project will generate sufficient interest that will result in a more participatory congregation, a congregation whose fellowship will be enhanced.  

Lastly, and most importantly, the Church is very grateful to you all who made the project

the success that it has been. R13910 + 400 was raised in 2008 / 2009.

My request is that you kindly bring your contribution to me on any Sunday of your birth month. Your name will be taken down and all the contributions for that month will be presented to the Priest at the end of that month.

The money has been and will continue to be used to buy church vestments and other items necessary for the smooth-running of our church.