Our History




On the 13th September 1950 the first confirmation took place on the 13th of September during.?? The confirmed candidates were Jack Windsor, Ronnie Windsor, Mr. Baynes, Mrs. Baynes, Mary Dicker, Theresa Roberts, Stephanie Roodt, Mrs. Dicker and Miss Norrie-Loewenthal.

Canon Urquhart made a sterling pioneer contribution to the church as its first priest. Never discouraged by ill health, he held services under most trying conditions in private homes and sometimes in the open air. After Canon (indent) Urquharts death the church became a Chapelry to St Catherine Parish in Bramley which was then called the North Rand Parish.



The chapelry of St Monnica was run by Fr Denison Smith who was later assisted by Fr Bosman and ??both their aim was to enrich the spiritual lives of the community in Halfway House. They continued ministering in the community for 9 years with services being held in the new village hall.


The last service was held on the evening of Sunday, February 28th in 1964.




Fr Kenneth Webster then took over the congregation of St Monnica as Rector of the Bramley Parish.  He and his Churchwardens played a great part in encouraging the local committee in planning the financing of a building and furnishings for a church. It was during his tenure of office that the new church was built in Halfway House, Church Street, and was dedicated by Archdeacon F. J. Newth on the 7th March 1965.



Fr. Kinston took over as Rector of the parish of Bramley following the death of Fr Kenneth Webster.




Bishop Patrick Glover served as rector of the parish of Bramley with St Monnicas (as a chapel).




St Monnicas was promulgated as a Parish.



Fr Donald Ingram served as the first ever rector of St Monnicas Parish for only one year.



Fr. Charles A. Germond served as rector for four years.



Fr. Doug Wessels served as rector for ten years and thus became the longest serving priest in the history of the parish.  He began his ministry at Halfway House and also facilitated the relocation of St Monnicas to Halfway Gardens. The relocation took place because of the then anticipated business development at the Gallager Estate and thus the church was compensated through the building of the new church. The new church was dedicated by Bishop Duncan Buchanan in 1995.


During his tenure of office the church began the journey of racial integration.



Revd. Patricia Lane became the first ever woman priest to serve as rector.  The church was still in Halfway House. She served for a period of five years and was assisted during that period by Revd. Pam Berning, Fr Duncan Mbonyane and Fr David Mapheng.


St Monnica also established the All Saints Chapel in Rabie Ridge which was under the oversight of Fr David Mapheng



Revd Sue Ray served as an interim pastor for a year during the parish vacant period.